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Success against Etoro withdrawal! 25% compensated by AFCA

You can withdraw money from Etoro and resolve etoro money withdrawal problems. Just use the right channels and right argumentation/evidence to get legal action against Etoro. We have another success story, the Australian Financial Conduct Authority have ruled that Etoro has to reimburse/return 25% of lossess by Etoro young trader, who was using CFD, leverage […]

Compensation for leveraged crypto positions illegally closed by Etoro in January 2021.

If your leveraged crypto positions were unlawfully closed by Etoro in January 2021 you are owed compensation. Contact us ASAP. There is a motion started to have Etoro`s licence limited or revoked. Most importantly we want to be refunded by regulators, not only for losses but for unrealised profits. If You had x2 position for […]

Get used to unexpected Account Terminations, Etoro applies standard termination procedure again- this time closing African Accounts

Etoro block Nigeria and other African countries from trading on its platform (allegedly for regulatory reasons) – issues just one month notice to customers. It is assumed that thousands of accounts (of which 75% is statistically in loss) will be liquidated and any losses will become Etoro`s profits. It is yet to be seen if […]

Another Scandal, platinum member still waiting for withdrawal of $170k from Etoro, over 3 weeks! …

..and already lost over 1k$ on unrealised investment opportunities. A Platinum Etoro member from Argentina has requested withdrawal of $170,872 from Etoro 28.12.2021. Over 3 weeks later on 19.01.2021 the money is still not in his account. Etoro customer service only say that the withdrawal is under review and they are working on it. Evidence […]

Jay (Etoro copy trade Popular Investor) reveals shocking facts about Etoro

Etoro Affiliate and Popular (copy trade) Investor Jay Admits receiving over 7300 complaints about Etoro each year with at least 12 accounts terminated each year. Do you need stronger proof how Etoro is neglecting customers, and unjustly terminating their accounts, than hearing it from their top affiliate and popular investor Jay Nemesis? 1.3 Best evidence […]

Twitter busted, Etoro is not safe from regulators 15/12/2020 Twitter fined £400,000 for breaking EU data law, Etoro is next to be audited by CySEC, FCA, ASIC and separately by Financial Ombudsmen representing each of 200k affected customers. Etoro will be next to respond to regulators and be fined/pay a fine for Failing to report […]