Dear Etoro, To Avi, Ira Morstyn, Simon Peters, Yoni Assia

I`m making an official complaint no. 4, which I am calling

“4. APPROPRIATION (keeping) of users CRYPTO ASSETS in EtoroX wallet after closure of account -failed attempt”

which will be a base to a claim for personal and financial damages.

Reasons for this should be well known for the managers above, but for the record, this is what happened.

A. Etoro PROBLEMS and consequences for me

Etoro decided to terminate my account in 30 days, extended by my lawyers and then my complaints and then request to review account to total of over 100 days, yet not even once in that time they mentioned that I have to manually withdraw my cryptocurrencies held in their Wallet. 2 days before the final date I asked “what about my assets in EtoroX Wallet, and what about the wallet, will it remain open and accessible after you terminate my account”, and they said “it was folly of us not to mention it, you will lose (access to) them too!” – meaning, “we had no intention to tell you, hoping you will forget it or when you try to claim it back after account closure we will treat you as other customers, will not reply to your emails or give you standard replies, extending forever how long we hold your assets. In fact you are not first one that left his money this way and in vain tried to get it back. “ – It was only about 400$ worth of currency at today`s rates but Etoro didn`t lay out any procedure to withdraw it, instead rushed to terminate my account. Etoro had 100 days to notify me how my EtoroX account/wallet will be affected, but kept that fact to themselves (and apparently attempted to do so with my assets).


  1. Etoro to update their T&C and Policies and submit to CySEC for review, to include joint Etoro and EtoroX wallet cross actions in event of account termination. Send revised documents to users highlighting “we made changes in what to do when we terminate your account”
  2. Settle my damages as in Complaint 10.


Evidence available on request – correspondence with Ira Morstyn, Etoro admitting they “missed that fact”, my EtoroX wallet account statement.

See the Evidence and Gallery – work in progress.


See My Damages and Etoros Costs.

This complaint is part of series of complaints that supports my whole case, see Claim 10 for summary. I reserve the right (and freedom of speech right to advise other users) to also report this the CySEC and other applicable regulating bodies.

If you had similar problems, or agree with me, please leave a comment or contact us.

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