ETORO`S ESTIMATED COMPENSATION TO ALL other USERS (apart from my damages above and excluding unjust account termination of other users. Only for quantifiable at this stage compensation for gross financial misconduct (wrong accounting).

  • Gross Financial Misconduct
    • Manipulation of account statements, calculation algorithm


  • Incorrect rounding down of profits and rounding up of losses to 1 cent.


  • Rounding value of closed positions only to 2 decimal places, even for assets which are only worth 0.00xx, e.g. Tron TRX and Ripple XRP,


  • Closing of non CFD leveraged 1 position at 100% stop loss



$5,600,000+$17,200+$86,000+$50,000=5,753,200=$5.75 mln


5,753,200 x 0.5=2,876,600=$2,88 mln


  • FCA fines @2% of all compensations=2% x 5,753,200=$ 115,000
  • Public Relationship image repair costs, say $50,000
  • Platform software/algorithms and accounting statements redesign – $25,000
  • New staff, customer services overhaul – $50,000
  • Legal fees  – $10,000

Fees, fines and company restructuration 115,000 + 50,000 + 25,000+50,000+10,000=$250,000

  • Other existing disputes ruled in users favour etc.
  • Loss of existing users, reduction of revenue from remaining (cautious) users
  • Loss of revenue from new users

Say each of 860,000 active users deposits only 1000$ less as a precaution,

spread/commission/currency conversion on deposit would be 0.3%, so 0.3%x1000$= 3$,

Etoro profit would be simply 75% of CFD trades is loosing x  10% loss each trade x 1000$ deposit/trade value=0.075*1000$=75$,

Overall 78$ of Etoro profit possible on each 1000$ deposit.

860,000 active users, each depositing 1000$ less gives Etoro 78$ less profit per user

860,000 * 78$=67,080,000 ==$67 mln in lost profit (say in one year of trading), and the same loss of profit in next year.

5% of existing users quits Etoro and

Only 5% less users joins (as a proportion of existing users), so overall next year Etoro has at least 10% active users.

10% x 860,000=86,000 less users

86,000 x 78$=$6,708,000=$6.7mln less profit for Etoro next year from leaving and not joining customers.

So, 67mln+6.7mln lost in profit each year year

=$147.4 mln lost in Etoro`s profit in 2 years.

After 2 years Etoro may improve their reputation, although I would make sure that my history and findings and any legal rulings are available and repeated on all blogs and forums.

  • Direct compensation and reimbursements for financial/accounting errors:


ESTIMATED SUMMARY OF ETOROS costs if their gross financial misconduct, calculation errors, manipulated account statements, and everything else like negligence, misrepresentation attempts of appropriation etc, comes to light, published, re-tweeted, re-posted all over internet, brought to media attention and users start coming forward for compensation they are entitled to:

  • Fees, fines, image repair and company restructuration – $250,000
  • Loss of revenue from existing and new customers – $147 mln in two years.
  • Direct compensation and reimbursements for financial/accounting errors – $5,753,200

Total $153 mln

+ Personal Damages to me as used and (financially) abused Diamond Member – $197,862.89

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