Waiver – a legal document signed not to sue or claim damages

Waiver offer, which I didn`t sign.
Example of positions in loss while Etoro forcefully and unjustly terminated the account
On 100,000$ worth of XRP this “scandalous rounding trick” alone costed me over $32,000! C`mon, Forex currencies are expressed in more pips, decimal points. Ripple is a currency, worth less than a dollar so should have at least 4 meaning digits!

Etoros account statements often don`t make sense. Nightmare for accountant or TAX office. Non conclusive financial reporting. Overhaul required!

Waiver continuation, looks like Etoro`s standard, regular document. How may users Etoro has to “silence”?

See below Fabricated errors to prevent users accessing account, while in the same house, the same IP, the same time a different user logs in to withdrawals without a problem. Customised messages triggered only for “unwanted customers”, who have been complaining too much and have restricted withdrawals, Etoro blaming technicalities. The same limitations can be seen on opening or adjusting positions when while account was pending termination. Etoro can restrict or limit your access to platform, but they have to notify you and provide justified reason. Manipulation of account settings, including access to your own money (withdrawals) is a call for legal investigation, and more SCAM/Con activity than serving legal, professional services. Withdrawal issues are high on CySEC list of complaints as withdrawals must take priority. Our research shows appropriation of funds (for even over a month) is the third most common complaint to Etoro`s “selectively un-responding” customer services. Yes, they can keep your money as long as they like, or until you trade them over and eventually loose all.

Etoro Wrongly Calculated profits

Reporting of the error that revealed the Major flaw.

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