Etoro, Yoni Assia,

Please explain and defend Etoro answering 7 questions. Just share with the CySEC, FCA, ASIC and us these statistic:

  1. Out of 13 mln users how many accounts have you terminated? Etoro Top Popular Investor James Nemesis admits he gets at least 12 such (termination) complaints, and over 7300 other complaints about Etoro, each year!
  2. Was there at least one that broke the Terms and Conditions, how many?
  3. What was the average profit/loss of each account when terminated?
    You made over $150,000 on one user +$70k in commissions!
  4. What was the total LOSS of all accounts you TERMINATED, turning all users loss into your PROFIT? How much have you cashed in on all Terminations?
  5. Why have you changed your calculation algorithms for crypto assets after 2018 without public announcement, reporting your errors to regulators and offering compensation to all miscalculated profits, increasing users losses by even 4.34% ? Only one person was offered $4700 compensation. What about everyone else? We estimate over $5 million is owed to Etoro`s crypto traders.
  6. Why does Etoro Terminate accounts so quick and easy compared to competition?
    We have not heard one person being kicked out of other platforms. Review of T&C of alternative online brokerage/trading platforms, including: Coinbase, Binance, AVa Trade, Kraken, Local Bitcoins shown that none of above companies allows for unconditional termination of account but they provide a list of conditions, instances or events that have to happen to be able to close account, or in fact even to amend terms and conditions. Thus, those platforms provide users with more rights and cannot terminate the account without a good reason, unlike Etoro.

7. Do you think it`s fair to not let investments mature, but terminate x1 positions and accounts pre-maturely in the beginning of confirmed and advertised by you Bull run? Yes or No?

Etoro is Aware of this Open Letter which has been posted on numerous forums and Tweeted 11 December 2020 to:

@Etoro @YoniAssia and over 100 Etoro employees including:
@IraMoreToro @simonjapeters

Etoro, please comment. We are awaiting. Lack of response is seen as admission of above accusations (which are supported with hard proof). e t o r o i s n o t s a f e . c o m / e v i d e n c e

Platinum Joe on behalf of existing and future victims.
See etoroticket 01411700

PS Is Etoro Scam, no, is Etoro just and fair, no, can you trust Etoro – no. Is Etoro using T&C to directly profit from users -yes.

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